@hjertnes it’s very different in the USA. I consult for a large Spanish bank. The USA teams don’t trust anything built by the Spanish team. The FEDs are on everyone’s necks.

@hjertnes yes, I know. That's why I asked the original question. All the more reason why I don't understand why what you are doing is allowed.

@jean I did the same just a few weeks ago. It's so much better.

@JMaxB 🤣

@hjertnes see this.

SEC enforcement staff contacted multiple banks in recent weeks to check whether they have been adequately documenting employees’ work-related communications, such as text messages and emails, with a focus on their personal devices, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

U.S. SEC opens inquiry into Wall Street banks' staff communications -sources

@pimoore yes. It does.

@hjertnes in a zero trust environment, some IT security teams configure systems to ensure that the approved Mail User Agent (usually Outlook) are being used and block access to the Exchange/Office 365 servers if not. Some even containerise the MUA using something like AirWatch to have even more control.

@pimoore it helps that I write in a Markdown text editor using reference linking. When I am done writing I define the link labels.

@hjertnes that's a novel arrangement. Do you work in any regulated (pharma, finance, etc.) industries?

@tibz that looks delicious.

@Miraz since taxonomy no longer matters why was the platypus excluded?

@johnjohnston my preferred way of blogging is to write first and add links and images later.

@ohBananaJoe I think you might like AnyList

@gr36 Apologies. What did I misunderstand?

@gr36 that's honest. 😁

@cambridgeport90 no entry for Trillium Brewing Company?

@Gaby yes, sleep.

@Gaby ditto. I mostly avoid reading/watching the news and stay inside watching any of a mumber of streaming services. I basically avoid thinking. I'm angry all the time.

@hutaffe ditto

@amit @pimoore, thank you. Before I got inside my own head, I used to do stuff that I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to be able to do with low-end gear.

@Miraz thank you. I'm so excited.

@cheesemaker so cute.

@kwgermer is that real? It’s huge.

@mangochutney I wrote about my experience with the original version:

If Fuji were to release a lens at this focal length with an aperture ring, I would buy it.

And they did! But it’s out of stock everywhere.

@pratik Wow! Wow!