@cliffordbeshers peaceful.

@ridwan I upload images first, create a new post, save as draft, copy HTML for image, go back to the drag post and paste in the image HTML.

Alternatively, I open two browser tabs, one open to the photo and the other to the post and copy/paste image HTML.

Alternatively, I’ll use MarsEdit.

@danielpunkass agree. But it’ll be awhile.

@ohBananaJoe did you purchase? I’m waiting for the rental.

@Burk I’ve been escaping into my culture via YouTube.



@ronguest what did you drink? 😀

@brucegodin 👍🏾

@Bruce sadly. Yes. My daughter recalls the image of black unarmed teenager who was arrested during a peaceful protest in August.


@Miraz the insurgents won’t be arrested … because they’re white.

@Miraz ooh! That sounds cool!

@csilverman also. Welcome back. I was also a backer.

@csilverman in my experience it can take a several minutes before theme changes are active.

@brucegodin I’ve had an Amazon account since 1997 and I don’t expect that to change. I have an ecobee smart thermostat and eero Pro mesh network which I bought last year. Both were aquifer by Amazon. I won’t be dumping those and replacing them unless some sends me a check. My current client moved a chunk of infrastructure to AWS this year. My next employer is moving to AWS.

@vanessa beautiful. And I expect the cold 🥶 kept most people at home. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

@ohBananaJoe cool. No pun intended.

@sjwillis 😃. You’ve probably zipped by on your bike while I was exploring the D&R canal with my camera.

@gpittman good summary.

@crossingthethreshold Siri is technically a search engine.

@nitinkhanna on the other side of that coin are cyber security researchers who applaud Apple’s efforts but want more. How does Apple give third party repair services access to replace security hardware but prevent the installation of root kits while still certifying the system is “safe”?

The thing with security is that unless you work in the field, the statements you’ve made are conjecture. You’ve already decided and won’t accept the complexities of the issues raised.

@ridwan @alangmarz I’m fortunate that I had time in 2017 to visit Dad, have those “difficult conversations” and do some healing for us both.

@yorrike I think it's likely feijoas.

@yorrike the flowers remind me a plant we had when I lived in the Commonwealthe Caribbean. I don't remember the name of it.

@Guy I like the golden hour light on fresh snow.

Happy Birthday, @Burk 🍻

@maique 😲