@bitdepth I can almost smell the spices.

@maique nice headdress.

@kbrice so cute!

@artisonian oh darn. Now that I have seen your shoes, I remembered that I have a pair of shoes I’ve never worn.

@poetalegre great example of pompasetting.

@ronguest I’m happy you’ve been fully inoculated. 😀

My wife spent Friday night throwing up and stayed in bed most of Saturday. 😕

Her mom OTH felt no ill effects. 🤷🏾‍♂️

@jean I’m brainstorming.

@ridwan nice. I’m still trying to come up with something. My plans fell apart today.

@jean my wife is under the weather from her second COVID shot and our plans for the evening are undone. The pompasetting will be postponed. 😕

@jidabug brilliant.

@aa 🤔 @Gaby, ... given how delayed US mail is right now a pigeon would be faster.

@Gaby what's this?

@artisonian 🤣

@Alligator learning morse code is still on my bucket list.

@Stevsmit 🤣

@jidabug I did not know that knitting is like coding. This is fanstatic. 😃

@dejus this post was my reminder to clean my iMac's screen. 😃

@khurtwilliams Something strange is happening to my Watcht feed. I haven’t watched this show in a few years.

@ronguest I wish Jarritos had diet versions.

@keinan I see you switched to B&W and that you haven't posted in a few months.

@Gaby 🍻 Sláinte.

@ridwan you can use this for Day 23 as well.

@maique do you know of a way to auto-create a page for this?

@johnpeterharvey yummy. Homemade?

@spratte er … soft serve ice cream humanoid? Poop emoji with legs?