@maique I think the last time I had an espresso was in the office back in March.

@maique right after my WebEx I'll have my second cup. ☕️ (9:30 AM EST).

@ohBananaJoe I like these colours.

@mangochutney I swapped it to black and white, which I prefer. The photo was captured on a multi-bridge tri-borough fieldtrip in January 2019.

@ohBananaJoe I think your requirements will return a (null).

@patrickrhone 🙏

@mcg @gabz @ronguest @whltexbread it was delicious but the Oreo wasn’t noticeable. It was less sweet than I expected for a dessert stout.

@thatguygriff the eyes. I can tell from the eyes. @macgenie I have two masks I wear regularly. Both are photography related. This is the one I wear most often Smile I May Snap at Anytime

@maique I thought the same. 

@rwnash I have not sat inside a brewery since the end of February. I'm hoping 2021 brings a return to my weekend brewery tours. Slainte. 

@cdevroe Kodak raised film prices in Q1 2020. This is a second price increase.



@nitinkhanna a 36 exposure rolls of Kodak ColorPlus 200 is $5. A 36 exposure roll of Ektachrome E100 is $15.

@macgenie Happy Thanksgiving.

@macgenie feed the one on the right. 🤪

@pip for me fog always portends zombies. 🧟‍

@nitinkhanna film prices for certain Kodak stock is already high. The cheapest Kodacolour at just under US$5. The better films such as Portra and Ektachrome are over US$10.

@cdevroe maybe the price increase will dissuade hipsters and the cost of legacy cameras will drop. 😃

@seishonagon that’s unwelcome news. I shoot mostly digital but I’ve two rolls in two cameras and a few more still in the box. I expose about 1 roll per month. Film is my hobby within a hobby.

@Miraz if it was a Hallmark production, then yes, it would seem that "only white folks audition".

@cliffordbeshers beautiful.

@kimberlyhirsh thank you. This is much appreciated.

@kimberlyhirsh my youngest is a sophmore at Oberlin College studying art history and classics with an eye toward library science. What advice would you offer for these uncertain times?

@kimberlyhirsh yes, pie time 🥧!

@Miraz so cute!

@macgenie LOL! We all need our morning (and mid-morning and afternoon) cup o' Joe. 😃

I did not see yesterday's prompt until this morning. Am I allowed to backdate entries?

@macgenie I dont always see your timeline posts but check the original post several times a day for the prompt.