@mariovillalobos lovely.

Thank you, @pimoore @philly @lukemperez @maique @pratik

@mangochutney money over respect for students.

@odd fizzy water with caffeine and nicotine? 😲

@maique drinking craft ales has significantly reduced my need to drink Coke Zero. 🤣

If there’s only Pepsi, I’ll drink something else, probably water.

@maique, I understand. I do the same. 😃

@Munish Coke Zero, never ever Pepsi. But sometimes, Diet 7Up.

@ronguest if only Jarritos came in "Diet" so I could try.

@humdrum I recommend Mac Geek Gab podcast.

@kirschen @jean @odd @miraz thank you all.

@eli woohoo 🎉!

Unfortunately @maique these are ales from very small breweries. They make just enough for the local (township or county) market. 🍺

I voted for Lando Norris as #F1DriveroftheDay. Make your vote here: www.formula1.com/en/vote.h... 🏎️ #F1 #PortimaoGP #F12021

‪@MercedesAMGF1‬ should hire some of the Red Bull pit crew. That 3.3 second pit stop was painful to watch. 🏎️ #F1 #PortimaoGP #F12021

Whoa! Hamilton’s pass on Bottas was pure gold! 🏎️ #F1 #PortimaoGP #F12021

@johnpeterharvey Im seeing these all over the neighbourhoods. Hopefully this (and some light rain) will reduce my achoo moments.

@manton I have not read the novels but thoroughly enjoyed the first season of the Netflix series.

@gpittman I don't know. The US store is still open. FYI. Even though my file preference is set to ALAC (or AIFF), the HDtracks downloader only downloads the FLAC files.

@marmanold other than Spanish I think there is very little utility for learning a second language on the USA, especially German and French. After 30 years of non use, French is no longer accessible to me. 😞

I had wanted to learn Hindi or Gujarati to converse with my wife’s family, but I am intimidated by having to learn a new alphabet. My wife’s family all speak Gujarati but are illiterate in Gujarati.

@jack good to know.

@gpittman It's a good thing I downloaded the files beforeHDTracks they shutdown. The challenge is/was up until Qobuz I didn't know of any good way to organize/listen to those files on my iPhone/iPad/iMac.

@maique I've had a lot of practise. 🍻

@pimoore dunno. It was followed by "Cold Blooded". 🤣

@patrickrhone got it.

@patrickrhone @odd perhaps I’ll just write about the most used apps using screentime for insight.