@mangochutney yep. I can understand that. I usually buy the streaming bundles when available.

@Munish I doubt HomeKit is the issue. My WeMo plug does not connect to the WeMo app eihter. I think the issue is that most of these smart devices are garbage.

@Munish @ridwan fake news on the skin time.

@Munish I think the challenge in the large cities of the USA, e.g. New York City, is the sheer volume of people. It's a known issue: www.curbed.com/2020/12/n...

@ohBananaJoe I like the level of contrast between the black and white.

@Munish there are public toilets in some of the train terminals.

@mangochutney I put my BluRay (HD) player away. I have 4K streaming services on my Apple TV. I think this deprecates the player.

@JohnPhilpin it depends. Is it a limited one time release? Sure. They'll brew more in a few months? No.

@jacob 🤣

@Munish it seems none of the kasa plugs are compatible with HomeKit.

@mangochutney beautiful.

@Munish no. Do a blind taste test.

@Ron yep. Done.

@mangochutney Pack of 5. A single roll is $40.

@manton I agree with this.

I don’t want to post to Flickr first and then copy to my blog. I want to post photos to my blog first and then send a copy to Flickr.

@pratik, that's cool!!

@fgtech were wired headphones ever out of fashion? I prefer the sound from my wired headphones over the bluetooth ones my kids use.

@jack EXACTLY!!!

@pratik 🤣

Thank you, @adoran2

@manton what did I miss?

@martinfeld 😀

@hjertnes ?

@pratik the company will take advantage of all the that the law allows. Like I would.

@hjertne got it. I consult for a Santander.

@hjertnes or a EU company with a large US presence?

@rwnash Was it a "Norwegian Blue"? 🤣