@ronguest I think that’s an interesting spin piece from WaPo.

Try this: freedom-to-tinker.com/2021/07/2...

@pratik beautiful.

@odd > Google earns almost all of their money based on other peoples creative work

No one has yet to present a cogent argument about how quoting a small piece of text with a link to the source is a problem. I do it all the time. And if I had ads in my website am I supposed to lay a fee?

I disagree with that framing. Google is doing nothing different than what I’m doing.

@odd so ... would I have to pay a link tax (what an absurd phrase, tax is money that people have to pay to government) for my islandinthenet.com domain to link to other domains? This seems a betrayal of what Tim Berners-Lee et. all intended.

@mandaris I went back to the source. They didn’t use words like authoritarian.


To me TechCrunch falls into the biased media category.

@Gaby me too. But easy to find in this area.

@renevanbelzen if your only computing device is a smartphone with limited storage, I recommend a subscription to anyone of several online storage platforms. Dropbox is a popular choice. If it’s important to you I think you’ll find a way to make a backup.

@mandaris when did Mexico become an authoritarian regime?

@renevanbelzen I think there’s already a solution to that set of scenarios.


I will set a weekly reminder in my calendar next to my Wordpress/Linux/macOS software patching entry.

@aaronpk I’m working out an architectural challenge for a project. Can you provide link(s) to understanding the use of SAML bearer assertions with OAuth?

@jack I read that, and part of my mind responded similarly to how my daughter responded when I mentioned I had just bought another 35mm film camera.



@manton 👍🏾 thanks for that.

@johnjohnston What you described is what I do. Do you have a link to where you read "...that a good microblog practise would be to not post long form to microblog but to post a shorter link post pointing to the longer one."

My long posts are on my main website ( islandinthenet.com ). Pithy posts and links go to micro.blog and Twitter.

@jack that looks insanely challenging to use.

@help do I have to re-upload all my content?

@help how will we know when this is resolved?

@nielsk I think some of us are seeing the same issues. khurt.blog is also no displaying content and showing security warnings.

@hoppysensei slainte.

@mangochutney it was a little slow at first but the last two episodes were more exciting.

@danielpunkass that looks delicious. My daughter makes an excellent pie but we’ve never tried making pizza with Beyond Sausage. We’ll give it a try.

@gr36 interesting that all your followers are gone. I rarely use Twitter directly and when I do, it's to engage with just a few people. Most of my Tweets are copies of my Untappd checkins or posts on micro.blog. I haven't lost any followers.

@brucegodin I agree we need to do all of it. But I think the focus must be building public infrastructure, not handouts to people able to buy $40,000 cars.

@ridwan I wish I owned that lens. I want more.

@danielpunkass that and 35 hour work weeks.

@pratik The ale in this bottle is not fresh, was stored in some warehouse after bottling, shipped to distributors warehouse, then to a local liquor store where it sat on shelf. This beer is better fresh at the brewery’s tap room.

It’s the difference between fresh brewed coffee from freshly ground beans at the local small batch coffee shop and the can of Folgers from the grocery store.

One is produced for mass consumption and the other is produced for love of the craft.

I drink a lot of fresh microbrewery craft ales right off the tap at the local brewery or canned and sold directly to the customer.