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Belgian Wheat brewed with Sweet Orange Peel & Coriander and Conditioned on Blueberries. Source of Wit: Blueberry is a traditional Belgian-style witbier brewed with sweet orange peel and freshly cracked coriander that we fermented dry and then conditioned on heaps of tasty blueberries. The blueberries impart a beautiful purple hue to this highly drinkable and refreshing wheat beer as well as a touch of sweet berry flavor and a subtle tartness that makes for a super crispy finish. We get notes of blueberry jam, light Belgian phenolics, sweet orange peel, cracked coriander, and trail mix with blueberries, wheat flakes, and oat granola.

Source of WIT: Blueberry (5% ABV Wheat Beer - Witbier) by Source Brewing (Colts Neck, NJ). Rating:3.5/5

Source of WIT: Blueberry
Source of WIT: Blueberry