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It was working out to be a good day. My 11 AM meeting had just ended, and I had only one other meeting this afternoon, at 3 PM. I thought that perhaps I would go out for a long lunch. Immediately after thinking about it, a new calendar entry showed up. Damn it! So I made lunch at home. A @griggstownfarm484 sausage and coconut water, mango, and @sourlandspirits El Dorado Gold Rum smoothie. I'm calling it "Blame it on the Ray-n". mango - 1 cup (cubed) organic coconut water - 8 fl oz. Sourland Moutain Spirits El Dorado Gold Rum - 1.5 oz (I do have that meeting at 2PM). #rum #sourlandspirits #mango #coconutwater #cocktails #lunchideas #smoothie #griggstown #hopewellnj #vitamixrecipes📷

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