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Zapping Untappd Checkins to

Publish untappd check-ins to

Carl Rustung wrote his original post, Zapping Instagram pics to on Wed. January 30th, 2019. I wanted my Untappd check-ins automatically posted to my With some trial and error, I was able to tweak his Zap to do it for me.

Here’s how:

  • Set up a new access token for Zapier in your account settings.
  • Make a new Zap. Choose Untappd for your Trigger App and trigger the zap on “New Check-In”.
  • Connect your Untappd account.
  • Select a sample post.
  • Add “Webhooks” for you Action step, and select the POST request.
  • Use as the URL and “Form” as the Payload Type
  • Under Data, you’re going to need 4 key-value pairs:
  • * h: entry (literally, write “entry”)
  • * access_token: [your access token from step 1]
  • content: Use the Zapier tokens to create the content you want. I used the following.

    * Beer: \{\{110699014__beer__beer_name\}\} (\{\{110699014__beer__beer_style\}\})
    * Brewery: \{\{110699014__brewery__brewery_name\}\} (\{\{110699014__brewery__location__brewery_city\}\}, \{\{110699014__brewery__location__brewery_state\}\}) 
      <img src="\{\{110699014__media__items[]photo__photo_img_og\}\}" />
  • Leave the rest of the inputs alone, and click Continue.

  • Click the “Send Test…”-button, and your sample Untappd post should appear on your timeline.

You can see examples of this in my beer category. page on